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Service Users Frequently Asked Questions

How do I put a Care Package in place for myself or a loved one?

The initial steps would be to approach your GP requesting a referral to Social Services who will carry out an assessment to determine if funded support is available.

Should funded support be available the Trust will appoint a Key Worker who will manage your package of care and place you with a Domiciliary Agency.

If you do not qualify for funded support Nursing & Caring Direct can supply you with support via private arrangement to meet your or your loved ones needs.

For further advice without obligation and in confidence please contact Jennifer Parker Nursing & Caring Direct Manager on 028 92 605991 or email jennifer.parker@nursingandcaringdirectni.com

What type of Contract will be in place should I choose Nursing Caring & Direct to manage my Care Package?

Receiving support from Nursing & Caring Direct Domiciliary Care and Support Services is subject to the following:

Trust funded:

  • A signed Contract between the Service User (you) and Nursing & Caring Direct – this is otherwise referred to as a Service User Agreement.
  • A signed Contract between Nursing & Caring Direct and the placing authority (Trust).
  • A signed financial agreement between the funding authority (Trust) and Nursing & Caring Direct.

Privately funded:

  • A signed Contract and financial agreement between the Service User and Nursing & Caring Direct – this is otherwise referred to as a Service User Agreement.

How will Nursing & Caring direct deal with my confidential information?

  • All personal data is held in line with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Information Commissioners Office (ICO)  
  • At Nursing & Caring Direct all Staff are required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement and are also made aware of the importance of confidentiality during the Company’s induction.  
  • All records kept by Nursing & Caring Direct will be stored in locked filing cabinets within a secured office environment
  • All breaches of confidentiality by Nursing & Caring Direct staff are treated as a disciplinary issue and any breaches of confidentiality by a third party will be addressed through the relevant complaints procedure.
  • Nursing & Caring Direct when an agreement is reached will store records such as a home file containing a Care plan, assessments and guidance for staff and Service Users at the Service Users home.
  • Service Users can if they wish obtain their written records retained in our office, by requesting in writing to the Manager:

Mrs. Jennifer Parker

2c The Sidings Office Park

Antrim Road

Lisburn BT28 3AJ

What assistance does Nursing & Caring Direct offer to help administer medication?

It is the policy of Nursing & Caring Direct that where possible, Service Users will be encouraged to self medicate. Where this is not possible all relevant risk assessments will be carried out by your Key Worker and clear guidelines for staff will be entered into the Service Users care plan noting the level of support required.

The emphasis will always be to enable and support Service Users to take responsibility for administering their own medication.

What are Nursing & Caring Directs office hours and how do I contact out of hours in an emergency?

The company has a comprehensive Health & Safety Policy that is available to all staff. Advice is available for Service Users in Health & Safety including; Fire, Moving & Handling and Mobility.

All Staff have their own mobile telephone and access to Nursing & Caring Directs 24 hour on call service for assistance and support.

On call Managers have clear procedures to adhere to in an emergency this is also applicable to our out of hours service.


Office hours: Monday – Friday 8.30am – 5.00pm

Office telephone no. 028 92605991

Nursing & Caring Direct operate a 24-hour on call emergency service available to Service Users from 5.00pm – 08.30am and can be contacted on 028 92 605991.

How often do Nursing & Caring Direct review a Service Users Care Plan and monitor the quality of services?

Service User’s care plans are formally reviewed once a year.

In addition to this Service Users changing needs are monitored and kept  under constant review to ensure Nursing & Caring Direct continues to meet Service User requirements.

Individual care plans are subject to reviews between Service Users and their Key Workers and any amendments are made by mutual agreement. These changes are recorded and added to the Service Users care plan.

Service Users are consulted about the standard of service by participating in:

  • Annual Reviews
  • An annual Quality Questionnaire.
  • Monitoring phone calls
  • Spot checks on services in their homes
  • Active promotion of the compliments and complaints procedure.

What is Nursing & Caring Directs policy on pets?

Nursing & Caring Direct recognises that some people may have pets that form an important part of their life. However, whilst advice can be offered Nursing & Caring Direct cannot take sole responsibility for the care of pets but we will support service users in assisting them with this care were there is great difficulty. This will only be done after a risk assessment on the pet has been carried out.   

How does Nursing & Caring Direct observe Religious or dietary arrangements?

Where it is clearly defined in a care plan agreement that a Service User wishes to attend religious services or has specific dietary or other requirements appropriate arrangements will be made to ensure that their wishes are met, including, where possible, amending times of calls to meet these requirements.

Will Nursing & Caring Direct support social family visits?

Nursing & Caring Direct is pleased to support Service Users in taking part in social events, visits to their family or any other leisure activity if this is assessed as a need and included in the relevant care plan.

What is Nursing & Caring Directs policy on consuming alcohol and smoking?

Nursing & Caring Direct recognises Service Users rights to smoke and consume alcohol if they so wish. However Nursing & Caring Direct employees are not permitted to consume alcohol or smoke with Service Users or their loved ones.

If a Service User has been assessed as being alcohol dependent this will be discussed as part of the assessment and care planning process and will be subject to a risk assessment and clear guidelines will be outlined in the relevant support plan.

How will Nursing & Caring Direct facilitate a Planned Withdrawal of Services?

Nursing & Caring Direct will endeavor to support the Service User in achieving a greater degree of independence. Nursing & Caring Direct will work with all parties concerned to continually assess the Service Users needs within the structure of the care plan and contract to reduce the level of support as is deemed to be appropriate and safe for the Service User.

How can I terminate an agreement with Nursing & Caring Direct?

The Contract between Nursing & Caring Direct and the Trust will be terminated as per the contract termination terms.  This can be discussed directly by contacting your Key Worker within the Trust to initiate the termination.

Private Service Users should give 28 days notice in writing outlining their intention to terminate the Contract with Nursing & Caring Direct.

Nursing & Caring Direct will endeavor to facilitate the smooth withdrawal to minimise disruption to the Service User.

Why would Nursing & Caring Direct withdraw their services?

It is the policy of Nursing & Caring Direct to work in partnership with the person to whom we provide a service. This means that problems should be dealt with as they arise and withdrawal should be avoided. However, unforeseen circumstances do arise and in such circumstances staff at Nursing & Caring Direct will work with all parties concerned to ease the withdrawal process. It is not the policy of Nursing & Caring Direct to leave Service Users without support.

The service may be withdrawn for the following reason:-

  • Serious assault on staff.
  • Non-payment of fees.

(Please note this list is not exhaustive and cases will be considered on an individual basis).

What type of Insurance does Nursing & Caring Direct have in place?

Nursing & Caring Direct are covered by public liability insurance.