Skills for working in Healthcare

Skills for working in Healthcare

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​Are you interested in working in the Healthcare sector?? You’ve got the qualifications, but have you got the qualities to take you to the next level?

Qualifications are important, but alongside this Soft skills can be what separates you from the rest. What are soft skills? They are non-technical skills that describe how you work and interact with others. They’re something you often build through experience. Soft skills reflect your communication style, work ethic, and work style. 


Examples of soft skills that could be applicable within a healthcare setting could be:



When working in the Healthcare industry, your primary focus is well-being of the patient in your care. Communication skills are essential to ensure your patient is receiving the appropriate attention. Be welcoming and approachable, ask questions and listen to your patients, this will ensure you are providing the best care.



Your patients need to be confident you know what you are doing. Many patients will be anxious and nervous, so it is important to show your patients you are capable and experienced, this will help


Stress Management

The healthcare industry can be fast paced and stressful. Stressful situations can be overwhelming and lead to mistakes on the job.  Learning how to deal and manage this stress is critical to ensuring you are providing the best care to your patients. Learning how to manage your workload, talking to others, avoiding unhealthy habits and self-care are all great ways to manage stress, check out our blog with excellent tips on how to manage stress


Attention to detail

Attention to detail is vital within a care setting. Inattention causes mistakes to be made, and this can seriously impact the care of your patient. Being vigilant is critical for providing a positive experience for your patient.



The ability to work as a part of a team is a major strength within the Healthcare Sector. You will most likely be working with other healthcare professionals including healthcare assistants, doctors, nurses etc. so it is essential you can work effectively as part of a team and communicate smoothly with other team members, ensuring the overall care of the patient.



Within the Healthcare Sector you will need to work effectively as part of a team as well as independently, you may need to adapt to various work situations or be expected to take on multiple tasks to ensure the care of the patient.

The ability to tailor your care for each individual patient is vital when working within this Sector.

Other examples of soft skills that could be useful for work in a healthcare setting could be: friendliness, confidence, decision-making, analytical thinking, prioritisation, ambition and motivation.