Health care assistant job description

Job Description and Person Specification

Health Care Assistant


The role of a Health Care Assistant is to work as instructed by the Nurse in Charge and without direct supervision in the hospital/ward of placement. As a health care assistant/ nursing auxiliary you will help professional staff to look after patients in hospitals and you will be required to carry out basic tasks, working as part of a team under supervision of qualified senior staff. 

You will be required to provide care and support in a confidential, professional, discreet and caring manner, always ensuring the service user’s right to privacy and dignity is maintained.


Involvement and information:

-       To be aware of the Hospital, including the structure of the ward attending.

-       Making beds, and helping patients in their bed to be more comfortable.

-       Serving meals and helping some patients with eating their meals.

-       Helping patients to bathe, shower, wash or dress themselves.

-       Changing incontinence pads, fetching and emptying bedpans, removing soiled linen, or accompanying patients to the toilet.

-       Assisting patients to other departments for treatments such as x-ray etc.

-       Helping other members of staff deal with emergencies and coping when a patient dies.

-       Know the arrangements in place for obtaining and acting in accordance with the consent of the patients.

-      To positively promote the patients right to choice and independence whilst ensuring that they are treated with the utmost respect, privacy and dignity at all times.

-       Record and report accurately all observations made on a patient on appropriate documentation.

Personalised Care, Treatment and Support:

-       To assist patients with personal care needs, as detailed in their individual care plan, in an appropriate manner to help meet their desired outcomes.

-       To assist patients with mobility problems and other physical disabilities, including incontinence, using aids and personal equipment i.e. hoists assistive technology etc. in line with their individual care plans.

-       To communicate effectively with patients, visitors and health care professionals.

-       To report any concerns to your charge nurse relating to significant change in the patients health and support needs.

Safeguarding and Safety: 

-       To understand the arrangements for ensuring that service users are safeguarded against the risk of abuse.

-       Have ability to, in accordance with Company and Local Policies:

-  identify the potential for abuse

-   take appropriate preventive measures

-   respond to allegations of abuse

-       To report any untoward incidents or accidents to your nurse in charge in accordance with hospital policy and quality monitoring processes.

-       To identify risk of infection or contamination and alert concerns to your nurse in charge for further assessment.

-       To assist with the general standards of hygiene and cleanliness in accordance with planned care and support.

-       To ensure that as far as reasonably practicable where equipment is provided as part of the care and support plan it is safe and fit for purpose.

-       To undertake the appropriate level of training and regular updates to stay abreast of best practice with regard to your job role

-       To adhere to actions identified in Risk Assessments, in accordance with relevant Company Policies, Hospital Policies and standard legislative Health and Safety requirements.

-       To report any observed faults, defects or damage to the premises, fixtures and fittings or equipment to your Nurse in Charge.

Suitability of Staffing:

-       To inform your line manager if you experience difficulty getting to your scheduled visit at the agreed time.

-       To attend supervision, annual appraisals and team meetings with the Registered Manager and managers of Nursing and Caring Direct and use this to inform your Personal Development Plan.

-       To maintain awareness of best practice.

Quality and Management: 

-       To ensure the Hospitals Complaints Policy and Procedures are followed when dealing with any concerns or complaints raised by patients or their visitors

-       To keep legible, accurate and detailed records in line with Hospital policy and regulatory requirements.

-       To understand and comply with both Company, Hospital and legislative requirements regarding confidentiality and data protection.

 The purpose of this job description is to indicate the general level of responsibility of the post. The detailed duties may vary from time to time without changing the general character or level of responsibility. By signing below you are agreeing to undertake your employment with Nursing and Caring Direct in adherence with this job description.


In the discharge of your duties you may often be in possession of confidential or personal information. You must not disclose or discuss such information outside of your work, or within your place of work EXCEPT in the proper discharge of your duties.

Person Specification including Competencies:

 Experience & Knowledge:



Source of Criteria Evidence

An understanding of the health and Social care sector and the provision of person-centred care in the hospital setting.





Application and interview


Ability and willingness to undertake personal care.






Previous experience in a similar role.






Application and interview

Basic understanding of how rights, dignity, privacy, respect and choice are important when providing care







Interview and references


Personal Qualities




Good level of self-motivation.






Interview and references

Effectively manage own workload and time, whilst being flexible.





Interview and references

Have a caring, patient and reliable nature.





Interview and references





Good level of written and spoken English





Application and interview

Ability to communicate clearly with patients, health care professionals, visitors and others








Application, interview and references

Team work




Ability to work co-operatively and effectively with health care professionals, patients and others.







Interview and references






Good level of general education.






Interview and references

NVQ/QCF or other professional qualification In care OR willingness to train towards such a qualification.






Application and interview


Ability to undertake compulsory five day induction training programme.











Ability to get own transport to and from place of work.





Application and interview

The legal right to work in the UK.





Application and interview

Completion of an Access NI Enhanced Disclosure.



Application and interview