Nursing & Caring Direct Mission Statement

Nursing & Caring Direct is dedicated to:

  • providing each Service User with the agreed support to enable them to live in their own homes.
  • recognising people as individuals, and endeavoring to work with them to realise their individuality and take as much control of their own lives, environment and support as possible.
  • working with Service Users and their families in enabling them to meet the responsibilities additional control brings.
  • working with Service Users in maintaining skills and developing new ones.
  • facilitating Service Users to develop an active work and social life and working toward what they feel is a desirable future.
  • respecting the fact that we work in Service User’s houses we will strive to work with them to promote as safe an environment as possible.
  • ensuring staff are well trained, consistent, non judgmental, approachable, and are well supported by Managers and Supervisors.


Nursing & Caring Directs Admission & Assessment Process:

  • Receiving support from Nursing & Caring Direct will take place after a thorough assessment.
  • This will include written information and relevant reports from the placing authority and all other relevant professionals.
  • Visits by Nursing & Caring Direct staff to the person’s home and discussions with their family/representatives.
  • At the end of the assessment process the level of support, the times it will be provided, what specific tasks will be undertaken and where support will take place will be agreed.
  • This will be noted on the contract, which must be agreed and signed before the service can begin.
  • It is not our normal practice to begin services on an emergency basis. However, such placements will be considered on receipt of all relevant paperwork and subject to the Service Users needs being compatible with the service provided by Nursing & Caring Direct.


Complaints Procedure:

Nursing & Caring Direct has a Complaints Procedure. A copy of this will be given to all relevant parties before services are provided.

Nursing and Caring Direct will endeavour to resolve complaints promptly and effectively at the earliest possible stage in accordance with our Complaints Procedure.

  • All Service Users and Care workers will be given a copy of the complaints procedure upon commencement of service or employment
  • Any Service User, next of kin or care worker wishing to make a complaint should initially discuss the matter with their relevant Line Manager.
  • Complex problems will be dealt with under the supervision of the Registered Manager.
  • All complaints will be recorded in the log of complaints register and the relevant Trust representative will receive the complaint in writing within 5 working days.  A written response will be made available to the complainant within 28 working days.
  • If the complainant is dissatisfied with the manner in which the matter has been handled a written complaint should be submitted to the

Group Human Resources Manager
Nursing and Caring Direct
87-91 Great Victoria Street


  • Complaints who remain dissatisfied with the findings can request the Commissioner of Complaints to investigate the matter.

Commissioner of Complaints
Progressive House
33 Wellington Place

The following organisations offer Independent Advocacy Services and may be able to speak on your behalf or assist you in making a complaint or raising a concern.

Mencap Northern Ireland
Segal House
4 Annadale Avenue
Tel: 028 9069 1351
Age NI
3 Lower Crescent
Tel: 0808 808 7575
Disability Action
Portside Business Park
189 Airport Road West
Tel: 028 9029 7880


If you require any further assistance or advice on Independent Advocacy Services, you can contact the Manager on 028 9260 5991



The Regulation Quality Improvement Authority is an independent body responsible for monitoring and inspecting the availability and quality of Health and Social Care Services in Northern Ireland, based upon the New Minimum Care Standards and to ensure that Service Users know what Quality of services they can expect to receive? They can be contacted at.


9TH Floor Riverside House
5 Lanyon Place
BT 1 3BT